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SCUF Gaming Renews Partnership With Call of Duty League™

April 12, 2022 at 12:00 PM EDT

SCUF signs multi-year deal to remain the official controller of the CDL

SANTA MONICA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Apr. 12, 2022-- The Call of Duty League™ today announced that it has signed a new two-year deal with long-standing partner SCUF Gaming, the leading creator of high-performance and custom gaming controllers and accessories, to remain the official controller of the CDL. This is the third year that SCUF has partnered with Call of Duty League as exclusive controller and controller accessory partner.

Built to specification, SCUF controllers offer countless functional and design features custom built to increase hand use and improve gameplay.

“SCUF has a long history with Call of Duty Esports and renewing this deal was a no-brainer,” said Diego Nunez, VP Marketing at CORSAIR. “We are proud to continue to support the competitive growth of the CDL and provide the best performance products for top-flight gamers for years to come.”

As part of the partnership, Atlanta-based SCUF Gaming will activate at all live in-person League-hosted events to offer fans the chance to see and experience their controllers firsthand. SCUF has also teamed up with the CDL to bring fans official league controllers featuring team colors and logos.

The collection will feature 12 uniquely designed controllers – one for each team in the CDL – including the new Boston Breach and OpTic Texas, giving fans and players the opportunity to represent their favorite teams. The collection is available on three different SCUF controllers: the SCUF Infinity 4PS Pro, SCUF Impact, and SCUF Instinct. It will soon be available on the SCUF Reflex.

“As we head the into the third Major of 2022, we are thrilled that SCUF Gaming has returned as a key partner of the Call of Duty League for the season,” shared Jack Harari, Head of Global Partnerships at Activision Blizzard Esports. “Their continued partnership offers incredible support to the League, players, and fans alike. SCUF is an integral part of the CDL community; creating opportunities for fans to upgrade their setup and play like a pro at home.”

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About SCUF Gaming

SCUF Gaming®, innovator and creator of high-performance gaming controllers, provides superior accessories and customized gaming controllers for console and PC that are used by top professional gamers as well as casual gamers. Built to specification, SCUF controllers offer a number of functional and design features custom built to increase hand use and improve gameplay. SCUF controller features are covered by 158 granted patents and designs, and another 42 pending patent applications, focusing on four key areas of a controller: the back control functions and handles, the trigger control mechanisms, the thumbstick control area and the side-mounted configurable SaxTM button placements. In December 2019, SCUF Gaming was acquired by CORSAIR, and remains a separate brand within CORSAIR.

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